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Big Rig Brewery

I've been going to this restaurant in Ottawa situated on Iris Street for a few months now, and savouring the yummy Fish Tacos featured on their menu. The Big Rig is one of the leaders and another of the growing establishments that offer in-house Micro-brewed beers and full lunch and dinner menus. They have fresh ideas and fairly unique offerings, but what really shines is their beer and the atmosphere, complete with an in-house store to take home mini-kegs of their brewed concoctions.

With free Wi-Fi and large tables, I've already had a few business meetings here with laptops and tablets; one of them which involved the creation of this very website renovation. The service is good, and libations and food arrive in a timely manner.

I highly recommend the venue for a business meet up, casual evening or for simply your culinary delight. Oh, and if you go on a game night, particularily when the Ottawa Senators are playing, this place Rocks!


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