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Staging Conundrum - Cluttering?

I was recently reading a “home staging expert’s” advice column about the subject of clutter.

In this person’s article, she identified things such as a two year knitting project, personal photographs and half used bottles of toiletries as being "clutter". While I do agree that you should probably hide the knitting away in a box in the cupboard, I also think that it is quite acceptable to have a few select personal photos in your home. Yes I know the “stagers” all want you to put them away; but think about it. If you are selling a 4 bedroom family home, don’t you want it to look like a family would be welcome in it?

Now I’m not saying that you should have all of those little 2” x 2” kids school photos from 1990 until graduation laminated to your walls or stuck on the refrigerator door, but I do think that it is very appropriate, even appealing, to have a couple of nicely framed photographs (not larger than 8 x 10) on display in the house and in particular, in the master bedroom. After all, they will distract from those half used bottles of shampoo and conditioning rinse that you don’t want to throw away.

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