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Updating vs Upgrading

When you read a property description on-line and it says “updated bathrooms” or “upgraded bathrooms”, do you know the difference?

Update (according to Webster) - is “to make (something) more modern”

Here’s an example. When I renovated my kitchen two years ago, I updated the cabinets to a more modern shaker style, and I upgraded the counters from laminate to quartz. I also chose to update the lighting from conventional to LED and then upgraded the fixtures to a funky pendant style.

Upgrade (according to Webster) - is “an occurrence in which one thing is replaced by something better, newer, more valuable, etc.”

If a roof on a house is 20 years old, it’s probably time to upgrade it. If you opt for replacing it with a 50 year shingle package and a lifetime transferrable warranty, you are upgrading the upgrade.

Still confused? Don’t be. Whether you are updating or upgrading, you are adding value to your home.

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