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Open Concept Designs

Open Concept Designs - Love them or hate them?

Many of today’s home buyers love the look and appeal of the open concept floor plans that designers and homebuilders are creating these days.

These bright open spaces are great for entertaining. They offer huge windows, big open kitchens, great rooms, vaulted ceilings and more.

But where or how do you place the furniture? Wait a minute! There’s no wall to put the TV on? Where do you go for privacy when the kids are in the “great room” playing video games and your partner is in the kitchen talking on the phone?

We all know that noise carries, and in a large open concept design, particularily in a two or more storey house, this can pose a challenge.

Many times have clients said to me “Joanne, I can hear everything, everywhere”!

Don’t get me wrong. Open concept is beautiful, modern and fresh and a good interior decorator can help you with furniture placement that will enhance it’s beauty, as well as offer solutions to minimize the noise.

Just be cognocent of your families needs and how you live, before making a purchase that you may regret once those winter cocooning months start to set in.

As always, if you have any questions about the Kanata Real Estate market or any other area within the Ottawa Real Estate market, drop me a line at

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