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Moving Checklist

Your Current Location




1)  Take these items into consideration while still at your current location:


Obtain written quotations and arrange for a professional mover



Check with your insurance agent about coverage for your move



Clean out closets/garage



Contact local charities about donating any unnecessary household items



Send draperies and rugs to cleaners



Defrost freezer




2)  Have the following services shut off, disconnected or transferred to your new location:


Water company



Cable TV company



Internet Service Provider



Electric company



Newspaper delivery



Gas/oil company



Telephone company



Other Home delivery services




3)  Notify post office of new address, have mail forwarded and send change of address cards to:


Charge accounts



Credit cards



Loan companies






Friends, relatives, holiday card lists



Arrange for maid service to come in the day after the move



Pick up any clothing, storage items from cleaners



Transfer insurance policies



Empty safe-deposit box



Arrange for banking in new location, transfer bank funds



Arrange for local school to transfer children’s records



Ask dentist for recommendations of new dentist and arrange for records to be forwarded



Ask physician(s) for recommendations and arrange for records to be forwarded.



Obtain veterinarian records



Have appliances serviced for moving, if applicable



Transfer church, club, civic organization memberships; obtain letters of introduction



Obtain moving company’s toll-free telephone number to check progress of shipment




4)  Before Leaving the house or apartment:


Check closets, shelves, all rooms to be sure they are empty



Leave current house or apartment in clean condition



Before Arriving At New Location


5)  Arrange for utility services in new area:


Water company



Electric company



Gas/oil company



Telephone company



Internet service provider



At New Location


6)  Arrange to:


Order local newspapers



Meet your neighbours (write down their names)



Get recommendations for babysitters, day care, etc.



Contact Welcome Wagon, Ambassador, or other merchant-sponsored organizations for info & free gifts or coupons



Join Newcomers Club



Put valuables into a safety deposit box in your new bank



Arrange for the new school to receive records and report cards



Contact new dentists and doctors to arrange for an appointment or meeting



Have pets licensed in new city



Obtain new registration for cars  (bicycles, also, if required)



Obtain new driver’s license if you moved to a new province, or correct the address on your present license





Moving can be a stressful experience if not properly thought out or planned. If you are moving within the same city, consider having young children and pets stay with a family member or with a close friend for the day.


Also, it's prudent to hand carry your personal items such as passports, jewellery, medication, infant formula, special photographs and pet food. 

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