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The Evolution of a Website

Today marks the 'go-live' of this new website!

Over the summer, I made a decision to modernize the old website and adopt some of the more current web technologies to better present information and assist buyers and sellers.

The result was a much cleaner and uncluttered new site which now embraces the HTML-5 and CSS 3.0 standards, while dropping older and less secure technologies such as Flash. As such, viewing this new site will result in a quicker and more energy-efficient viewing experience on tablets and smart phones, and for home computers as well.

To best view this new site, I recommend using a modern webkit-enabled browser such as Google's Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Safari -- make sure you've updated your browser to the latest version, both for your own security, and to best view the new HTML5/CSS3 features on this site.

If you have suggestions or ideas to improve this new site, please send me a note through the Contact page form.

Thank You!

Under construction...


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